From Suffering to Success.

I failed my personal Crossfit training business in 2009. I failed my Image Consulting Business in 2013.

Here I am thriving in 2020. After recovering from 20 years of Bulimia, and Lyme Disease, I woke up out of my Zombie lifestyle.

I finally feel seen and heard. I finally learned that it’s ok to fit in, and to be who I am with all my flaws.

Self love is the answer to the problems. Fashion is self care, is self love. Feeling confident through fashion. Feeling good and looking good.

I am here to empower you to live your best life. Learn to love the life you are living. Do I need to say more?

Want me speaking on your stage?

Wanna know more about me?

*I live on a real farm! After my husband and I emigrated 17 years ago from the Netherlands to Canada, we sold everything, loaded up 2 containers, bought 6 quarters of land, and here we are.

*I am Certified IAWP Health/Wellness Coach, Precision Nutrition Level1 Coach, andCanFitPro Personal Trainer.

*After decades of not feeling enough and battling Bulimia, I finally feel good enough and want the same for you.

*Fashion makes me happy. I’m a certified Image Stylist and makeup artist who loves helping women feel edgy, sexy and beautiful.

*Oh yeah, and I’ve completed 2 Ironman’s. And now, I’ve moved on to weightlifting.

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