Love Food? Drink Wine? Lose Weight?

Around here you can do all three…

Here’s the deal: The diet/fitness world wants you to believe you need to restrict what you eat all day and work out every day to get to your ideal weight.

That you need their restrictive plan.

But what if you didn’t?

What if sabotaging your skinny body goals was no more? Ordering at a restaurant? Indulging on vacation? Piece of cake! (you can eat that cake, too)

No more anxiety around food. Zero grueling cardio to compensate for the calories.

What would be left? Eating the foods you love, reaching your ideal weight, and loving yourself in the process.

Hey, I’m Jetty Nieuwenhuis, your leader here in The Rebels Weight Loss Club…

It’s time to end this battle with dieting.

After I lost 35 lbs – 3.5 years ago – and kept it off…

(My scale is now gone, btw.)

I found balance by being a rebel. By actually loving food, enjoying my life knowing no vacation or moment will send me back to the pain of yo-yo dieting.

Here’s a peek: A bit of Keto structure and some Carb freedom.  And zero every-day-killer sessions at the gym.

No foods are off limits. I drink wine,  travel, and it always works.

Now, it’s your turn.

Happy text below, planning a Rebel Carb Party with my client-turned-friend. Look how much fun it is!

Want to get started?

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