Quick fixes don’t work long therm. Wellness For Life!

F**k, it happened again. You feel so bloated this morning, you weighed yourself – up 3 pounds…

After a week on that celery juice diet, you couldn’t resist the cookie. Just 1 cookie would be fine. You deserve this, you’ve been so good. Before you knew it, the cookie turned into a whole bag, ice cream, and chocolate. And now, you’re feeling like crap. You hate yourself for having done it again.

You can stop this self sabotaging cycle, right here right now…with me.

Because I was exactly where you are now…

After decades of restrictive diets, overcoming Bulimia (and Lyme Disease) and the depression and sadness that comes with it, I finally found balance.
In my mid-forties, I lost 35 lbs and have kept it off without an ounce of deprivation.

My lifestyle is fun…and yeah, I eat a cheeseburger with cheese and mayonnaise – and a glass of wine, too. And I eat dessert, too.

I can show you how to create this structure in your week without feeling miserable. Lower Carb, BUT Carbs are not evil! I’m a rebel like that and want to show you how to be, too.

It’s time you start to enjoy life. It’s time to feel sexy in your body, and play dress up again!  Learn to love the life you’re living. This is just so much fun! I can be your Behavioural Transformation coach! You deserve to be whole.

Shed your old beliefs, and gain new ones. You will transform from the caterpillar into that beautiful butterfly.

Ready to get started?

Wanna know more about me?

*I live on a real farm! After my husband and I emigrated 17 years ago from the Netherlands to Canada, we sold everything, loaded up 2 containers, bought 6 quarters of land, and here we are.

*As a Certified IAWP Health/Wellness Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and CanFitPro Personal Trainer. I understand the science behind healthy weight loss.

*After decades of not feeling enough and battling Bulimia, I finally feel good enough and want the same for you.

*Fashion makes me happy. I’m a certified Image Stylist and makeup artist who loves helping women feel edgy, sexy and beautiful.

*Oh yeah, and I’ve completed 2 Ironman’s. And now, I’ve moved on to weightlifting.

Happy texts (below) I get from my clients, like this one from Jo, truly make my day!

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