“I contacted Jetty at the end of September 2018 to have her help me begin the low carb/high-fat lifestyle. I’m a 48-year-old female who was having difficulty losing “those stubborn pounds”, and knew Jetty would be the one to “hold my hand” to start the journey with this new lifestyle. Thankfully, I didn’t have any major health issues and starting was merely for weight loss. However, I can say now after trying many different diets, this is the best! I choose to not call it a diet but rather a lifestyle. With Jetty’s specific plan I’m not hungry, my cravings have virtually vanished, and I can have wine and a carb loading day, with all my favourite treats! No more depriving myself of things I love! I lost 18 lbs in 3 months and will continue on confidently on my journey and lifestyle using Jetty’s nutrition guidelines. My husband also worked with Jetty, and he lost 20 lbs and is now in maintenance AND feels fantastic! We both are loving this freedom! So what are you waiting for? You’ll wish you had started sooner and with Jetty’s caring & honest guidance, expertise and knowledge it will be a win-win! Cheers to a healthy body & mind!” – CORINNE C.

“I have known Jetty for over 9 years, and the transformation she went through made me want to change my lifestyle too. When she started to coach me she was the first person to ask me why am I sabotaging myself! That was mind changing! My social life is very important to me and social settings made me anxious. Jetty gave me the tools to plan for my night out and made me realize that is all about the right choices and not to feel guilty. She looks at the bigger picture and doesn’t judge, and when you might have fallen off the wagon she helps you reset. She is very knowledgeable and her passion to help people make her a great coach and motivator!” MICHELLE R.

“I am a 38-year-old woman who has struggled with food issues through most of my life. I’ve tried every diet out there and I would usually end up in worse health by the end of it !! Along with food issues I’ve suffered from Anxiety, Depression, Hormonal Problems and Digestive Disorders. When you live your life obsessed with weight and diets, and what you should or shouldn’t eat, you slowly end up alienating your family and friends around you. My girlfriend told me about Jetty and about her approach, her lifestyle and all of her past struggles. I knew she was the girl for me!!! And yes I was totally right !!!! Jetty is so compassionate, she knows what I am going through, she understands and listens to my needs and is always there encouraging and supporting me along my journey. If I have questions, she knows the answers!!!!!!! The low carb/high-fat lifestyle is exactly what the body and mind need. Within a few weeks, I had way less anxiety and I was starting to feel happy. I started living again and I have so much energy. It’s amazing what happens when you stop the extremely low calorie and low nutrient dense diets we are all accustomed too and start feeding our bodies and minds with the right foods !!! Also with the re-feed “CARBNITE” I can finally really enjoy all those foods I love and crave with no guilt…. yes you heard me correctly No Guilt !!!!! This lifestyle gave me back my life, no more anxiety about socializing and no more sitting on the sidelines watching my family enjoy and have fun. I can join them now because this lifestyle gives me so many options whether on vacation or out at a restaurant. No more guild, anxiety, and dry salads. AND: I AM LOSING WEIGHT!!!! MEGAN W.

Hi Jetty, I just want to say wow!! I feel great, even though I party, but pay attention to what I eat, and hold back a little with the drinking. I still have an amazing time, and my clothes feel like they fit better day by day. What makes life so much better! You were right! This is the first vacation that I don’t feel guilty, and I would almost say that I LOST WEIGHT INSTEAD OF GAINING. 😅👍🤪🤪🤪😄😄💪JO V.