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I use a well kept “secret” that combines a ketogenic nutrition plan with a Carb Feast. A full night of Bliss. During the week you will eat Keto nutritional foods, and once a week you will literally take a break from your Keto plan. You can eat all your favourite carb treats, without guilt and shame. Sounds like too good to be true right? Well, it is! It’s more than just 1 mini donut, or mini that. It’s all about, go big or go home. This carb re-feed will spike your insulin, which will rev up your metabolism. It is so hard to wrap your mind around it, but it works. It’s how I lost the stubborn pounds, and I gained a whole new mindset around food. And it is how you will win your life back. Some structure and some FREEDOM.

My training is all about strength training. All adapted to your exercise experience. You will be skintight in your new sexy body.

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Trujetty 3 Months Keto & Carbs Coaching

Nutrition Only Includes:

  • 3 months, you and I are in it to win it!
  • Customized nutrition, based on your goals & needs.
  • Learning how to fit in dining out into your nutrition plan, as well as occasional alcohol consumption, and vacation fun without the typical weight gain.
  • Guiding when to eat your favourite comfort carb treats.
  • Supplementation recommendation.
  • 3x 60 min Live Zoom-BREAKTHROUGH calls (live meetings online).
  • Regular check-ins, you will be on my VIP-contacts list.
  • Willing to let go of your old story/beliefs, start your new story, and have faith in the process.
  • Trainerize Fitness App can be linked to MyFitnessPal, and has lots of other features, which includes direct communication with me, progress tracking, pictures, and a lot more.

Strength Training Program Add-On Includes:

  • Add-On to Trujetty Package – 3 months strength training program through Trainerize Fitness App, workouts are designed by me, delivered directly to your phone, tailored to your needs, with videos.

Trujetty Continuing Keto & Carbs Coaching

Nutrition and Strength Training Program Includes:

  • Customized nutrition, based on your goals & needs.
  • Regular check-ins, you will be on my VIP-contacts list.
  • Trainerize Fitness App, monthly strength training program designed by me, delivered to your phone app, tailored to you needs, with videos.

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